We love the taste of Mexican food.
The grease that often accompanies it - not so much.

We figured there were others like us out there. So, we combined the simple, punchy flavours we can’t get enough of, with the crispy crunch of fresh, raw ingredients, free range protein and lashings of love – and Guacamole was born.

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We’re not suggesting you’re fussy, but we do know that nowadays people want to eat what they want and how they want it.

And we’re down with that. Why should you have to eat carbs when they dont agree with you? And what if you just want to say “na” to bad fats?

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At Guacamole, we are on the look-out for passionate, energetic, dynamic amigos and amigas to support us in our mission.

We work hard to attract, hire and train extraordinary staff that are passionate about the service industry and share a love for the quality we believe in. Our brand is honest, witty, bright, inclusive and straight talking. We’re a small team and every single person in our business counts towards delivering the magic of Guacamole. If you think you have got what it takes, please get in touch.